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            Hicks Family of Lynn Darnell             


JOHN HICKS b-6/30/1829 d-5/13/1902

Came from North Carolina to Tennessee

married 2/6/1847  

ELLEN JUNE EVANS b-5/14/1830 d-7/13/1895

Came from Virginia

1 William 'Haden" Hicks 12/15/1848

2 Mary Ann Hicks 1/20/1850 12/9/1934

Married Frank Choat

Diele Choat

3 Emerson Wolsey 'M.W.' Hicks 10/23/1851 7/15/1944

Married Martha ?

Hershel Hicks

Charley Hicks b abt 1873

4 William 'Robert' Hicks 7/14/1853 3/28/1887

Married Mary Elizabeth Smith 1857-1930

Philip Hicks

Nannie Hicks

Emma Hicks

5 Sarah 'Matilda' Hicks 10/20/1855 1924

Married Vincent Davidson

Ellen Davidson

Cindy Davidson

Belle Davidson

Hershal Davidson

John Davidson

Crawford Davidson

Martha Davidson

6 Adelaide Hicks 10/31/1857 7/12/1861

7 Margaret Hicks 1/18/1869 9/15/1920

Married Cooper Picket

8 Electra Hicks 2/2/1861

Married Jim Meek

9 James Thomas HIcks 3/9/1963 6/11/1935

Married Rachel Ragel 1870-

Brent Hicks abt 1899-

10 Lodame Hicks 4/1/1866 9/25/1895

Married J. S. Atnipp 1887-

July J. Atnipp

Rubin Edward Atnipp

James Alonzo Atnipp

11 John 'Edward' Hicks 3/9/1868 1924

Married Elizabeth Potts abt 1878-

Georgie Hick abt 1900

Measly (sp) Hicks abt1906

Halita (sp) Hicks abt1909

Mary Hicks abt 1914

Elizabeth Hicks 1916

12 Harve Hicks 7/20/1870 11/12/1914

Married Sally McGee Shugart 1868-1963

Claude Bell Hicks 1889-1972

Jasper 'Fred' Hicks 1891-1970

Hattie 'Ercelle' Hicks 1893-1982

Voma 'Maude' Hicks 1907-1996

13 Ellane Mandy Hicks 4/ /1874 12/20/1890

Married Ben Smith

Gertie Smith

14 Sherman Hicks 9/12/1876 1/30/1959

Marrie Bertha Clinesmith 1876-1945

Ralph Hicks

After Ellens death in 1895 John remarried

Jan Sloan she died in a couple of years, he married again

Viria Easton She survived his death.

Hattie 'Ercelle'Hicks Ruyle Peers was my maternal grandmother. So the Harve Hicks line I have more descendants for. But I'm about typed out for the moment.

Most of the about dates are taken from the 1920 Barren County Kentucky census, that also caused some of the spelling difficulties. The penmanship wasn't the best, as some of you have surely experienced. I will be getting some Barren County cemetery records this summer when I go home for a visit.

I hope this is the kind of thing you are looking for. If anyone contacts your web site and is interested in further contact, or you want more generations, please contact me. Thanks for helping me get this information out. The name Hicks quit in Harve's line. Claude took care of his mother until she died and never married. Fred had 3 children I know of, one son and one daughter died in infancy, the remaining child was a daughter. Its possible he had other children, He was a wandering man, married at least 3 times that we know of, but don't know the wife's names, and he had other relationships the family was only vaguely aware of.

Thank you .........Thank you.................Lynn