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    Hicks Family  of    Kella Randolph    

I read your webpage. Loved it. I am researching my mother's family; HICKS. So far, I have this: Myself: Kella Randolph, b. 11/26/45 Lamar Co. AL ; Mom; Ethel Mae Hicks, b. Apr. 6, 1918 m. ca 1937, d. 11/12/92. (m. Nathaniel Randolph) Born in Lamar Co. AL. bur. in El Paso, TX. Grandfather, Joe Wesley HICKS., b. ca 1880, d. 1961 m. Katherine Jenkins. Gr. grandmother Lucinda HICKS (consort of Joe EATON. ), b ca 1847. Lucinda's parents were William (Billie) HICKS and Margaret (Peggy Connell) (b. 1810)HICKS. Billie (b. 1800 in SC, d. in AL after 1870 )and Peggy came from South Carolina in the early 1800s. Family stories have them travelling the Trail of Tears with their oldest children, John Edward, b. 1832; James S. b. 1834; , Sarah,b. 1836; Nancy,b. 1838; and Edmond, b. 1840. One story says that they had three sons when they arrived. Maybe Edmond was born on the way.

After arriving in Marked Tree, Ark several more children were born: Jacey or Joicey, b. 1841; Daniel, b. 1844; Seary, b. 1846, and Mary Frances Fontella Hicks, b. 1848.
Children of Billie and Peggy HICKS: At the time  of the 1850 census the family included the parents ages 51 and 40. Children ranged from John E. (age 18) to Frankey (Mary Frances) age 2. At this point, I do not know where the family was. But by the time of the 1870 census, they were in Jefferson Co, AL. # 708 Elyton Census states: HICKS, William, M age 70 Farmer SC , Kessiah (Kepiah) F 33, Keeps house AL, Frankey, F, 28 At home, AL, L. C. ( I believe this to be my great grandmother, Lucinda)F 22 At home AL, George W. M 18, Farmer AL, M. T. F 5, At home. N. M. F 3,At home The family was listed as White, but family lore says that George and Lucinda and Frankey were full blood Cherokee. I think that probably by the time of the 1800s the Hicks family had married into the Cherokee Nation and our branch had become almost pure Cherokee, . I have no information on Billie and Peggy before they left SC. But have found a great deal of info on the family name in NC, SC, and VA. So far, I don't have a connection .

I accepted you invitation to correspond in hopes that you and I will be able to fill in some gaps in our family information. In the Colonial days, the HICKS family was very prominent in VA. A Robert Hicks became an Indian Trader in the mid to late 1700s. . There is record of a lawsuit he filed against the state of SC to recover some furs and skins the state had confiscated. He won. I am wondering if that Capt. Robert Hicks who fought in the Rev. War, was the progenitor of the Hickses who are of the Cherokee Nation? It stands to reason, or at least bears investigation, that sons of this Indian Trader, would be out working with their father, and at least some of them would marry Cherokee women. I have learned also, that the name Hicks is well respected in the Cherokee Nation and that some of the Chiefs were named Hicks. Also in the Wyandotte Tribe. Can you supply any more info on this? I am very hopeful that you and I will be able to share more information and help each other.


Kella Randolph