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In today's culture sometime the husband and wife work outside the home and with the fast food restaurant, and the pre-packaged, convenient foods available, some don't do cooking or ever plan ahead, or worry about cooking meals at home. Many people find it easier just to go out for lunch or dinner. Since husband and wife, work it seems easier for breakfast to just stop at Starbucks and grab a small coffee and muffin. They may take their lunches or brown bag it, throughout the week. This does take some extra coins for their meals, though it is fun to stop at your favorite place. Eating out can really hit the pocketbook over a weeks or months time. With most people trying to hang onto every extra penny because of the economy you might find some extra ideas here.

It is easier to shop in the grocery store, instead of growing our own food that we eat. We often wonder what it was like, to have been born in the early generations. How our ancestors of the past, prepared meals for their families and friends? We have friends that don't know how to prepare a meal for their families, except to open a box of prepared food and add water, stir and put it in the microwave. Wait five minutes, and eat. we all worry about the nutrition, in that kind of food.

When I was going through some of my old antique recipes that were handed down to me through several generations. I thought some of them might be useful and you might find that you enjoy doing a little bit of cooking. Maybe it would encourage you, of other ways to prepare your Breakfasts Lunch or Dinners. You don't really think about Antique Recipes as being very easy to use, because of the antiquated cooking styles, back then. With a little adaptation, most can be made easy to prepare and very tasty. If you have never seen old recipes, they were written in paragraph form, not at all like, today's recipes. I have made some changes to a few of them, to make them easier to read and understand, with the correct measurement. Not calling for a pint here or a scant there. Try cooking some meals on the weekend when you have more time to spare, and then it can be frozen and be eaten at a later time you might want to try several.

I'm sure that you will find them very good and tasty. It is so neat to think of your grandparents and their parents eating the same recipes that you have just prepared for family and friends. Just surprise others with something special, " Just like grandma use to make." Enjoy ! ! ! Please let us know which is your favorite.


Soups and Stews

Salads and Salad Dressings


Vegetables and Side Dishes