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In today's society, not many young married couples, ever plan ahead, or worry about cooking meals at home. Many people find it easier go out for lunch or dinner. Since husband and wife, work it seems easier to them for breakfast to just stop at Starbucks and grab a small coffee and muffin.

They may take their lunches or brown bag it throughout the week. Even though it does take some extra coins for their meals, it is fun to stop at your favorite place. Eating out can really hit the pocketbook. With most people trying to hang onto every extra penny you might find some extra ideas here. When I was going through some of my old antique recipes the thought hit me, wow, If you knew about this maybe it would encourage you to think of other ways to prepare your Breakfasts Lunch or Dinners. Antique Recipes, You don't think about Antique Recipes being very easy, because of the antiquated cooking styles back then. With a little adaptation, they can be made easy to prepare and very tasty. If you don't know or have never seen old recipes, most of them were written in paragraph form, not at all like, we are use to seeing in today's recipes. I have made some changes to a few of them, to make them easier to read and understand, with the correct measurement. There are a few that called for a pint here or a scant there. Please just check them out, you might find, a quick fast meals that are perfect for week night meals or dinners or for the meals on the weekend.


Soups and Stews Salads and Salad Dressings