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One pint of black beans ( one pint is 2 cups)

celery (amount you desire)

left-over meat or bones

one onion

2 tsp. salt

pepper to taste

1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper

1 tsp. dry mustard

small canned tomatoes (if desired)

(This Recipe can be made before leaving for work in the morning, if you have a crockpot. Then when you come home in the evening your dinner will be ready, execpt for the Croutons which take about 10 minutes to make)

Soak one pint (2 cups of dried black beans) of black bean over night. In the morning pour off the water rinse and add two quarts of cold water, and put them on to boil. Simmer four or five hours or until beans are soft and tender. Add small amounts of cold water every half hour, so that two quarts, will always be in the saucepan. Put mixture through a strainer,(this will make mixture smooth). Bring to boiling and thicken with one tablespoon flour and two tablespoon butter which have been cooked together. This keeps the beans from settling to the bottom of the pan. Season to taste. If you prefer to add tomatoes, strain them and add to beans. Simmer, and serve with croutons.

Home made croutons can be made by cutting slices of bread in small squares and browning in the over on a cookie sheet, stirring and turning so most sides brown evenly. This is a great treat instead of just plain soda crackers. I hope you will give this a try !

[Great for those cold winter evening]