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Hicks Buried in Ohio Cemetery

Ross County, Ohio

Grandview Cemetery Chillicothe

Henry Albert Hicks  1871-1955  Section 8

Anna Frances Vetter 1871-1947 

(buried on this lot but no Stone  Sect 13, Lot 27 - 153 but no stones)

Fanny Hicks

Harley P. Hicks

 Section 13 1/12 Lot 48 N 1/2 5 Graves Lot Owner George Hicks

George R. Hicks 1863-1938 (on this same grave- a small marker level with ground is Rollins-Irene Hicks Marshall 1891-1956

Carrie E. Hicks 1870-1941

Lawrence W. Hicks 1893-1945 (on this same grave is a small marker level with ground)

Florence Ely 1889-1957

George R. 1889-______