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The following information is contributed by LaDell Wiles(Hicks)
"This is some of her Hicks family,"  Thanks for sharing this LaDell

Thomas Newton Hicks born Sept.2,1877 died Feb.15,1969

"Maxey Cemetery" Leflore County Wister,OK.

There are alot more names, in this cemetery and at Ellis Chapel
Cemetery in Wister,OK.
Wister is located 7 miles west of Poteau and
30 miles from LittleRock, Arkansas.  

Lilly S Hicks(Kitchens) born Sept 5,1875 died 1949

Paul Dale Hicks Jr. born June 26,1970 died Sept.2,1985 (great-grandson of Thomas Newton Hicks)

Homer Elton Hicks born 1908 died 1957 (grandfather of Paul Dale Hicks Jr.)