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Virginia Cemetery Record

(Information contributed by Kay Musick Brown)

Joseph Hicks

During a trip to Rhea Co., VA on Aug 16, 1998 my husband and I found  the grave of Joseph Hicks. The dates on his stone were March 5, 1799-Oct. 1, 1863. Also in this cemetery was the grave of  Susan J. Hicks, June 26, 1859-Jan 1, 1877. This cemetery was in very bad shape when we found it.

It is located on a farm @ 7 miles north of Dayton off Rt. 58. The farm was owned at the time by
Mr. and Mrs. Spud Harrison. We spoke with an older gentleman who told us the name of the cemetery was the "Old Howerton Cemetery." The cemetery is in a wooded area at the top of the hill on the right hand side of a drive going back into some fields. My husband spotted it because the ground cover plants were different.

Several of the stones were over turned and unreadable. I hope this helps,

Kay Musick Brown

Thanks Kay,  for sharing this Hicks information that you found, with other Hicks Researchers.We hope that other will share their information also. -Virginia