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(really old fashion Gumbo)


One Whole Chicken - Cut in small pieces and dredge with flour

One Onion - sliced with a dash of salt Fry with a small amount of fat, until tender.

Chipped Beef - small amount (as much as desired) add to onion that you are frying in small amount of fat.

Remove Onion and Beef from fat, Add peices of Chicken to brown in pan.

Brown (one quart which is 4 cups) of Okra (after removing stems)

Place the Chicken, Onion, Okra in a kettle, cover with boiling water.

Add one large can of Tomatoes - Simmer until the Chicken is tender.

Remove any bones from the Chicken

Add Salt, Cayenne and very little Sugar to taste, or season to your taste.

Serve without straining. Can be served over Boiled Rice.