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Chicken Pot-Pie


1 chicken

3 tablespoons flour

1tespoon salt

1 cup Milk

salt and pepper

Clean, and place chicken in pot that is nearly covered with water. Cover the pot and simmer gently. An old fowl will require at least three or four hours of slow cooking but a year old chicken should be done in one and one-half hours. Removing the cover during the last half-hour to reduce the gravy to about one and one-half pints when done.

Three-fourths of an hour before time to serve, make dumplings, and add to the chicken and cover. When the dumplins are done and ready to serve, add salt and pepper to the chicken and make the gravy by adding to the liquid in the kettle three tablespoons of flour stirred to a paste in one cup of milk. Skim out the chicken, lay it on a platter, place the dumplings on the top and pour over them the gravy.