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County or Town        Name of Hicks Researcher

Alamosa- Joseph Goodge

Apapahoe- Dick Littlejohn Jr.

Apapahoe- Mary Collins

Bent- Joseph Goodge

Branson- Grace Ruth

Brookvale-Denise West Rowley

Clear Creek-Denise West Rowley

Colorado Springs- Patty Macsisak

Comejos- Joseph Goodge

Cripple Creek- Bonnie MacBird (Ancestor Name-Martha Ella Hicks )

Denver- Mary Anderson

Denver- Mary Collins

Dolores- Alice Jo Bristol

Evergreen-Denise West Rowley

Fort Collins- Diane Bica

Fort Morgan- Lois Palmer Ladage

Fox Creek- Joseph Goodge

Ft. Lyon- Joseph Goodge

Grand Junction Lois Palmer Ladage

Idaho Springs- Alice Jo Bristol

Jefferson-Denise West Rowley

La Jara- Joseph Goodge

Larimer- Mary Collins

Los Animas- Grace Ruth

Manassa- Joseph Goodge

Mesa- Lois Palmer Ladage

Ortiz- Joseph Goodge

Pueblo- Joseph Goodge

Rico- Alice Jo Bristol

Two Buttes- Marta Hurst

Unknown Colorado Counties- Louise Williamson

Unknown Colorado Counties- Mildred Stout

Unknown Colorado Counties- Mrs. Marvin Fulk

Wray- Mary Anderson

Wray - Lois Palmer Ladage

Happy Hicks Researching and I hope this information will help you in making some new contacts and family cousin connections!!

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