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Some Comments of what a few people have said about the Hicks Newsletter II:

If you are a Hicks Researcher you will want to get your CD while it is avaliable !

( From 1983 to 1992 there was a break between the first and second newsletter, this comment was at the beginning of the Newsletter II)

HOORAY Your Back, I've missed you the past few years, I have all the copies of the Old Newsletter and Value Them Very much.-Gale

How Grand that it is you who is publishing the Hicks Newsletter II. I still think one of the most interesting, and the most Thrilling to secure.- Jean

Thank you for the issues of the Hicks Newsletter II.  Seeing the Blue Cover with the Stags Heads reminded me, how many times I held my breath as I opened your Newsletter...hoping my elusive Hicks would be enclosed. I have enclosed my Hicks Ancestor Charts and Family Group Sheets. I don't know if anyone will hold their breath when they see them.. but I will hope there will be someone interested and anxious to correspond.  I am personally thrilled to see you back! -Margaret

Thanks so much for the Hicks information. This is the best break that I've had on this family.  I've posted on bulletin boards for 3 years and Nothing!  I'm Amazed and Very Thankful - Linda

I have enjoyed your "Hicks Letters" Keep them coming-Elizabeth

What a Marvelous Job you are doing with the Hicks Newsletter II.  You have put in a lot of time and energy into them. I wish to subscribe for two newsletter one for me, and another as a gift for a friend, I want to do something special for her.- Keep up the great work- Mary

What a wonderful Newsletter, I am enjoying my subscription.  I will send my Hicks information soon.  Thanks for making them avaliable.-Sheila

Let me take just a moment of your time to say how Happy I am that the Hicks Newsletter is again in print. Thank You for all of your time and hard work.  It is Greatly appreciated.- Patti

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The Hicks Newsletter is no longer published