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1. JAMES MAULDIN was born in 1774 in GRANVILLE CO. N.C.. He died in 1851 in SHELBY CO. TEXAS.

He was married to MARY BERRY in 1794 in PENDLETON DIST.S.C..

MARY BERRY was born in 1777 in S.C.. She died in 1846 in FAYETTE CO., TENN..

JAMES MAULDIN and MARY BERRY had the following children:

child+2 i. WESLEY MAULDIN.
child3 ii. LUCINDA W. MAULDIN was born on 10 Nov 1797 in LAURENS CO. S.C.. She died on 27 Jul 1879 in CALDWELL CO. TEXAS.
child4 iii. LITTLEBERRY MAULDIN was born on 19 Apr 1800 in LAURENS CO. S.C.. He died on 27 May 1866 in MARENGO CO., ALA..
child5 iv. WILLIAM POE MAULDIN was born on 8 Apr 1805 in EDGEFIELD CO. S.C..
child+6 v. ELIHU C. MAULDIN.
child7 vi. JAMES W. MAULDIN was born on 25 Aug 1818 in MADISON CO.ALABAMA. He died on 8 Apr 1873 in WILLIAMSON CO. TEXAS.
child8 vii. EXAR JANE MAULDIN was born in 1816 in MADISON CO. ALABAMA. She died on 22 Mar 1879 in HARDEMAN CO.TENN..

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