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18. WILLIS SHACKELFORD STONE was born on Mar 4 1830 in MONTGOMERY CO.MO.. He died on Nov 1 1914 in CHICO, BUTTE CO.CA.. He was married to ILDEGRETTA FITZGERALD on Dec 23 1851.

19. ILDEGRETTA FITZGERALD was born on May 4 1835 in ARKANSAS. She died on Dec 26 1916 in STONE RANCH-SONORA, CA.

Children were:

child i. ORVILLE P. STONE was born on Jun 4 1854 in SONORA, CA.. He died on Feb 28 1935 in TUOLUMNE CO. CA..
child ii. THOMAS J. STONE was born on Mar 3 1859 in SONORA, CA.. He died on Jun 10 1936 in OAKDALE, CA..
child iii. GEORGE S. STONE was born on Mar 13 1861 in SONORA, CA.. He died in Jul 1943.
child v. J.C. STONE was born in 1869. He (or she) has reference number 1308.
child vi. ADA VIOLA STONE was born on Jul 28 1876 in SONORA, CA.. She died on Nov 11 1930 in OAKDALE, CA.. She has reference number 1301.

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