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If you have any trouble moving around and finding information, on the site let me know. Be sure to check out the other Hicks information on the left. You will probably find what you might be looking for there.
If you would like to register your Hicks family please go to the area on the "Left" or here, where it says " Register, "
We also have an area of Hicks Query's with Hicks in Different States in our USA.
Please be sure to sign the Guest book. If you view this guest book you will find at least 40 pages of different comments and information about other Hicks lines, and others that are hunting for family members, descentants and ancestors. 

We really would like for your visit to our website, to be an enjoyable exprience, and you will return often. We began this website in 1986 and I have enjoyed meeting many others researching the Hicks family. I have added several new and different links that you might enjoy.... Let us know what you think of the items and offers, and if you are finding them useful. 

I have some very old photos of our Ancestors, that I have in my computer. I wanted to have them more accessible, and to be able to view them more often or any time, with a flip of a switch, instead of searching for them in a file in my computer. I bought one of the following Digital Photo Album, and loaded all of the pictures that I had of our ancestors and descendants into it. It is such fun to show our friends and others. The Photos are so beautiful and it is wonderful to see them as they change,to the current generations. Why not Create your own Digital Photo Album, just for You or a Family Member. It sure would make a Great Birthday or Anniversary Gift.

We just learned of this new process to make your own Photo Book. I am giving it a try so hope you will too.

If you folks have a Hicks Genealogy web sites that you would like to have listed in our,  "Other Great Sites Area," I would be happy to exchange for you doing the same on your site. Just send me your Link. 

Please use this WebRing if you have a Hicks/Hix Website and would like to have other visit it.

Please don't advertise other types of webpages here except for your Hicks family. I will not approve your site in the Hicks Webring, unless it is for Hicks or Hix Families, Thanks so much- Virginia


Revolutionize Your Ancestors Stories

This is one of the Software that I use for Hicks and Other Related Genealogy. It is a very Essential Computer Program Application that is available. I have used the earlier versions of Legacy for years, and have upgraded to the latest version 7. I really Love it. Perfect for organization of your family files. Lots of fun and very easy to use. If you don't have a genealogy program, you really need it to keep your Family information Organized. Give it a Try by this link below. I know that you will love it too.

There are thousands of Hicks Researchers in the USA and other countries, each trying to locate missing genealogy, and family relationships.. Always having a goal to find more Family Connections. By building an effective web site, we hope to get our message out to a larger audience of people interested in Hicks Family Genealogy. Check some of the other areas such as other Genealogy Link page. You might find something new.

I have been a member of the Find a Grave website for over 4 years. I love their website. They have millions of cemetery, obituary and death records. It has been helpful to all, that have used their website before. Of course, I have added some of our family information there. You might want to add some of your cemetery listing or grave photos. I am happy to be placing this easy link for you to find below here. Just check it out especially if you haven't been there before.

Search for cemetery records in USA at by entering a surname and clicking search:

Restrict search to


ancestor, ancestry, family tree, family history, r

When you are ready to go on your Genealogy Research Trip, Here is a good place to book your Flight, Car and Hotel.

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Virginia Hicks publisher of the Hicks Newsletter I, & II

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Hicks Newsletter I & II are now Available on 3 CD's. For Information on how to purchase them.


" We think that you will enjoy the past newsletters also " This is what some have said about the Old Treasured " Hicks Newsletter I & II ". 

HOORAY Your Back, I've missed you the past few years, I have all the copies of the Old Newsletter and Value Them Very much.-Gale
How Grand that it is you who is publishing the Hicks Newsletter II. I still think one of the most interesting, and the most Thrilling to secure.- Jean
Thank you for the issues of the Hicks Newsletter II.  Seeing the Blue Cover with the Stags Heads reminded me, how many times I held my breath as I opened your Newsletter...hoping my elusive Hicks would be enclosed. I have enclosed my Hicks Ancestor Charts and Family Group Sheets. I don't know if anyone will hold their breath when they see them.. but I will hope there will be someone interested and anxious to correspond.  I am personally thrilled to see you back! -Margaret
Thanks so much for the Hicks information. This is the best break that I've had on this family.  I've posted on bulletin boards for 3 years and Nothing!  I'm Amazed and Very Thankful - Linda
I have enjoyed your "Hicks Letters" Keep them coming-Elizabeth
What a Marvelous Job you are doing with the Hicks Newsletter II.  You have put in a lot of time and energy into them. I wish to subscribe for two newsletter one for me, and another as a gift for a friend, I want to do something special for her.- Keep up the great work- Mary
What a wonderful Newsletter, I am enjoying my subscription.  I will send my Hicks information soon.  Thanks for making them avaliable.-Sheila
Let me take just a moment of your time to say how Happy I am that the Hicks Newsletter is again in print. Thank You for all of your time and hard work.  It is Greatly appreciated.- Patti


Please only sign our Guest Book if you have Hicks family or related family.



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